Boonchu est ouvert avec la livraison ou le Takeaway !

Nous assurons les livraisons chez vous grâce à notre partenaire WeDely ou nous vous proposons de nous appeller au 28 84 66 20 pour Take away. En revanche, les ventes sur place sont temporairement suspendues, suite aux mesures gouvernementales liées au Covid-19.

Sachez que nous renforçons les règles d’hygiène déjà présentes sur place et en livraison.


The First Fast CASUAL Concept “Made by Luxembourg”



Boonchu Luxembourg offers you the possibility to enjoy your quickly
prepared meal in a comfortable, spacious seating area with attractive
decor and relaxing music.



At Boonchu we prepare your dish right in front of you. Attractive decor,
great quality as well as quick service is guaranteed during your visit,
all at an affordable price.



The freshness of the ingredients we use for our dishes
is guaranteed by starting the cooking process immediately
after you place your order.



Every dish contains fresh Thai ingredients and spices to provide
every customer with the best possible combination of flavors to give
you a taste of Asia whenever you visit us.



Nutritional equilibrium is guaranteed in our low-calorie meals,
as we want to promote and encourage our customers to adapt
a healthy and dynamic lifestyle.


About us

Fast Casual – What does that mean?


This means that you get to enjoy the main benefits of a fast food and self-service restaurant,
such as the speed of preparation, service and lower-priced dishes, while simultaneously getting to enjoy fresh balanced
and richly-flavored food in the cozy and comfortable atmosphere of a casual dining restaurant.


Our values


Boonchu at its core is about inspiring people to explore new things. We want you to get a new, different,
fresh and innovative taste of Asia, specifically Thailand, when you eat in our restaurants.
Boonchu is about more than just food. It’s a way of life, encouraging people to enjoy living a healthy
and dynamic life, which is perfectly expressed by our slogan “Enjoy, Live Boonchu”.


Made by Luxembourg


Unlike what you might think, made by Luxembourg is not a typo. Instead of saying that our products
are made in Luxembourg (which they are), we take pride in letting you know
that Boonchu was founded, developed and currently run by Luxembourgish people!


Please, click the questions to reveal the answers.

Is it possible to book a table at your restaurant?
Our Fast Casual concept does not take reservations.
Our restaurant in Luxembourg-Kirchberg (Auchan Gallery) offers a wide range of seating areas, that allow you to sit down to enjoy your meal without a problem.
Where do I park if I want to visit your restaurant?
In Luxembourg-Kirchberg you can park in the underground parking of the Auchan Gallery (free for the first three hours).
Are pets allowed in the restaurant?
Due to food safety regulations, pets are not allowed in any part of our restaurant.
Are your dishes available as Take-Away?
All of our dishes are available as Take Away. You can either eat it straight away or take it home with you and store it in your fridge or freezer to enjoy it at a later time.
Do you offer a delivery service?
Due to quality, food safety and logistical reasons, we don’t offer a delivery service. However, all of our dishes are available as Take-Away.
Is it possible to place an order over the phone or online?
No, you can only place your orders in our restaurant at the self-order kiosks (credit cards only) or at one of our cashiers.
Food related questions
a. Ingredients:
In order to best cater to your needs, our restaurant has an extensive ingredient list placed next to the registers, so you can make the most suitable choice.
b. Allergens:
The allergens of our dishes are displayed in our restaurant as well as on our website or via QR code (available at our restaurant). If you’d like to check them before your visit, please click here.
c. Vegetarian/Vegan dishes:
We offer several vegetarian dishes (marked on the menu with a (V)), but we don’t offer vegan dishes just yet.
d. Calories:
The calories of each dish are written on the Menu (rice not included).
Which forms of payment do you accept?
You ou can either pay by cash or by card (Maestro, V-Pay, Mastercard, VISA) It is also possible for you to pay with the following meal vouchers:
– Lunch Pass (Sodexo)
– Ticket Restaurant (Edenred)
Do you have a loyalty program?
Better than your average loyalty program, you can have your loyalty card on your smartphone, by downloading the App “Poinz” (available for Android and iOS operating systems). For more information, do not hesitate to ask our staff to provide you with a flyer and further explanations.
On which days are you open, and at what time?
Our restaurant in the Auchan Gallery Luxembourg-Kirchberg is open from Monday to Thursday from 11AM to 8PM and Friday from 11AM to 9PM (with the exception of public holidays and exceptional opening of the gallery).
How do I join your team?
We’re always happy to hear about people wanting to join our team! We suggest that you send your application (detailed CV with recent photograph) with the preferred position to contact(at)boonchu(dot)lu

If your question is not addressed above, please do not hesitate to contact us via the form below.


– Offering fresh, tasty and nutritionally
equilibrated dishes to our customers
– Enabling everyone to eat and drink
in a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere
– Respecting the environment


– Diversified work in a dynamic team
– The possibility to be part of a large project
– Personal and professional growth opportunities
– A pleasant work environment




We are happy to welcome you in our restaurant:


Boonchu Luxembourg-Kirchberg (Auchan gallery)
5, Rue Alphonse Weicker, 2721 Luxembourg
Opening hours:
Monday-Thursday & Saturday: from 11 am to 8 pm
Friday: from 11 am to 9 pm
(with the exception of public holidays and exceptional openings of the gallery)

You can park in the underground parking of the Auchan Gallery (free for the first three hours)


Our Fast Casual concept does not take reservations.
For more information, please visit our FAQ section.



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